It’s August, which means one thing: TWIST FESTIVAL! One of the biggest fibre festivals in the region, Twist will have you covered for all your fibre-y needs, be they yarn, wool, or equipment! We’re very fortunate to have the ever fabulous Kate Sherratt from Ashford NZ joining us again at our booth this year – you won’t want to miss her demos! But if you can’t make it to Twist this year, have no fear…


We’re having another Wabi Sabi Ashford Demo Night on Thursday, August 18 from 6-9! You can register for your free spot here, and get aĀ front row seat to fantastic equipment demos from the Ashford queen herself! Kate, along with Marc Peloquin from Harmonique, will be demonstrating how to use Ashford wheels, looms, carders, and more! Everyone is welcome, and fan-girling is expected! šŸ˜‰ If you can’t make it to Twist, this is the next best thing!


And if you can’t even wait that long, Emily will be demonstrating the fibre-blending capabilities of Ashford drum carders and blending boards on Saturday, August 13 from 2-3 PM! (That’s tomorrow!) You can reserve your seat in the last of our Summer SeminarsĀ here!