sales, classes, and trunk shows, oh my!

Hello from Wabi Sabi!

The days are getting shorter and cooler, that nasty humidity is all but gone, so that can mean only one thing ... IT’S SWEATER WEATHER !

We love sweater weather here at Wabi Sabi. We love it so much that we are putting alot of our inventory on sale at 20% for September to make room for all the lovely Fall and Winter yarns that will arrive over the coming months.

It was a bit weird looking at and ordering cold weather yarns deep into the June and July heat but at least this year we were able to do it in person rather than through a Zoom meeting. It was great to be able to see and feel all the lovely yarns, but it was even nicer to get to see our suppliers in person once again !

So if you are looking for a deal or just to build up your stash, here are some yarns we have put on sale throughout the month of September.

Now let’s talk about Project Classes. Project Classes are available every month at Wabi Sabi and they are a great resource for knitters in many ways.

Do you have a project in mind that you feel might be too challenging for you or, are you part way through a project and you just can’t figure out how to work through that next step? If you sign up for a Project Class, one of our teachers will be able to guide you through those rough patches and get you on your way to the finish line.

Or maybe you are doing just fine with what you are making but you want to spend a couple of hours a week in the company of like-minded people who want to meet up, knit and socialize.

If you see yourself in any of these scenarios, then one of our Project Classes is for you. And we have changed our Project Class format. You don’t have to sign up for a whole month of classes (although there is a discount if you do). Now you can sign up for just one or two a month right here.

Be sure to mark September 29th down on your calendar. That’s our launch date for our Second Annual Alley Cat Trunk Show !

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