All New Stretchy Cast On - Wabi Sabi

All New Stretchy Cast On

Somewhere in the depths of my holiday knitting, I accidentally created a stretchy cast on.  It is related to both the Chinese Waitress and cable cast on, but is distinct from each.  I have been using it a fair bit in other knitting projects, and am quite happy with the versatility it offers.  Some features include:
  • Short  tail cast on:  no need to guess at how long you should leave the end.
  • Very stretchy:  it is as stretchy as the ribbing, so it won’t cut in on socks, cuffs, or necks.  It is slightly thick when relaxed, so should prove quite durable for kids.
  • Looks nice on both sides, and especially with 1x1 ribbing.
  • Easy to do once you get the knack of it.
  • Worked in the round, can be used to eliminate the joining gap.
  • Can be used for double knitting and brioche (more videos to follow on those.



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