Gifts for Crafters - A Muggles Guide to Finding the Perfect Gift

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It can be intimidating to enter a yarn store (or website!) as a non-crafter in search of the perfect gift.  Hopefully, this guide will make it a little easier!

As a crafter, there is a world of difference between, say, knitting and crochet.  And non-crafters confuse the two all the time.  If you are looking for a gift for a yarn enthusiast, but aren't sure just what it is that they do with it, it may be worth looking into a gift that isn't specific to one particular art.  Yarn swifts, ball winders, and project bags are some of the most popular "big gift" options, but there are lots of possibilities for smaller presents and stocking stuffers as well.  Wrist rulers, our fun project labels, and the always welcome gift of caffination are all great ideas for smaller presents to show that you care (and pay attention) to your crafter's hobbies.

If you have a firm idea of what craft your recipient enjoys, you have an even bigger palette of ideas to choose from.  Newer knitters and crocheters likely haven't had the chance to invest in a full range of needles and hooks, making these gorgeous interchangeable driftwood sets from Lykke a sure hit.  Our knitting pattern holders, which come in two sizes, are also great for crafters-on-the-go, and help keep one from losing their place in a pattern (or recipe, for any chefs out there!).  We have several great pattern magazines as well, including Making, Laine and Pom Pom, which are fantastic inspiration (and aspiration!) for those who love making beautiful things.  If you're able to visit our store in Ottawa, we have a great selection of pins, stitch markers, yarn bowls (handcrafted locally!) and other neat finds that would be cherished by most yarnies.

Picking out yarn if you aren't a crafter can be a tricky thing.  Working with fine yarn can feel frustratingly slow to someone who prefers bulky, while the larger yarns can feel awkward to, say, a sock knitter. If you're not absolutely sure of what your crafter would like in yarn, a gift certificate is probably the best bet.  In addition to giving a product they will enjoy, you're also giving them the time and opportunity to browse -- something crafters absolutely love doing!

If you're still at a loss, one of the best presents that you can give a crafter is time to indulge in their hobby, and appreciation of the work they put into their art.  This could be in the form of showing genuine interest in their most recent project, signing them up for a class, or finding a way to lighten their schedule around the house.  Regardless of what you choose, hopefully you (and your crafter!) will enjoy a wonderful holiday season together!

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