Online store!

We are excited to announce that Wabi Sabi has finally joined the 21st century and our online store is officially open for business!

When we bought the store last June, there was no platform for online sales so everything had to be built from the ground up. That’s where our wise and wonderful web consultant Lisa Hennessey entered the picture to research, build, and guide us through the ins and outs of online sales.

Business chimpanzee doing important computer work

Our staff has been quietly working behind the scenes since January to ensure that our inventory was up-to-date and that everything would be ready for us to flip the switch this month. Our first successful purchase was labelled ‘Test Monkey’
(Note: If you see Test Monkey in the store, please do not feed him). We used our ‘Test Monkey’ to work through how to fulfill orders and to understand how the shipping and labelling functions work.

We decided to start out slowly in case there are any kinks to work out, but as we are the only Ottawa LYS selling Brooklyn Tweed and Quince & Co., those yarns were uploaded first and are available through our online store now. As we move forward and confirm that everything is working as it should, we will be adding more and more items with the goal of having all of the Wabi Sabi inventory available online by the end of March. This is so exciting!

If you have any questions or feedback we would be happy to hear from you.
Happy shopping!

photo credit: lisegagne