Northern Sock

Botanical Fibres


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Amelia's Pink
Heirloom Red
Golden Harvest
Forest Floor
Hint of Indigo
Harbour Mist

Super soft and sturdy for fancy or  everyday socks.  This stunning natural yarn is hand dyed with natural products in Nova Scotia.  Each hand-dyed skein is unique - enjoy!

Amelia's Pink - dyed with Cochineal
Heirloom Red - dyed with Madder and Cochineal
Golden Harvest - dyed with Osage and Marigold
Forest Floor - dyed with Goldenrod and Iron
Hint of Indigo - dyed with Indigo
Amethyst - dyed with Logwood
Slate - dyed with Madder, Logwood, Osage and Iron
Harbour Mist - dyed with Madder, Logwood, Osage and Iron
Sepia - dyed with Madder, Cochineal, and Walnut Husks
Tart - dyed with Lac

80% Australian Superwash Merino, 20% Nylon
Machine wash gentle on cold, dry flat
429 m
113 g
28 stitches per 10 cm (fingering)