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Wabi Sabi
In-Store Appointments
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As of July 6, 2020, we will be back to more regular, unscheduled hours in the shop.  To accommodate customers who are more comfortable with one-person appointments, we are offering the first hour (10am - 11am) of each weekday (Monday to Friday) as scheduled appointments for in-store shopping.

Due to the small size of the store, we are allowing one-at-a-time appointment booking for in-store visits.  We are asking customers to respect the following guidelines in order to let us maintain a safe and healthy working and shopping environment:

  • *  Only one person besides staff will be allowed into the store at a time for each appointment.  Please do not bring guests who are unable or unwilling to wait outside for you.
  • *  Please arrive on time for your appointment.
  • *  You will be required to wear your own mask.
  • *  You will be required to wear clean gloves which will be provided for you.
  • *  We will not be accepting cash; credit card and debit card only.
  • *  You will not be able to enter the back room or use the washroom.
  • * Our yarn winder and swift are not currently in service.
Please confirm your appointment by checking out...there is no fee for booking, but if you do not go through the checkout process, the time will not be reserved for you.

If you have any problems booking a time online, please email us at info@wabi-sabi.ca with the time that you would like to book.