Finishing Techniques

Finishing Techniques

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A wise (or possibly frustrated) knitter once said that when you're at the cast-off, you're half done the work... the last half is in the finishing up. Having clean finishing techniques can make the difference between a project that is good, and one that is great. This class will cover different ways to sew in ends, how to sew an invisible seam, and ways to make your finished knitting really show off the skill that went into creating it.


  • Two contrasting colours of worsted weight yarn
  • 4.5mm needles
  • Darning needle of a suitable size to worsted weight yarn


  • Students should knit 1 square in stockinette that is 15 stitches wide by 30 rows long, and 1 square in garter that is 15 stitches wide and 30 rows long.

Course details:

Saturday, November 30 from 1 to 3pm
Classes: 1
Duration: 1 x 2 hours
Price $30 (+tax)
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Cancellation Policy
Students must cancel at least 2 weeks before the class is scheduled in order to receive a refund. Should the store cancel a class, students will receive a full refund. Please note that Wabi Sabi reserves the right to postpone and reschedule a class due to unforeseen circumstances. Should this be the case, we will make every effort to contact students to let them know of the cancellation and to arrange a makeup class.

Minimum number of students required to run course: 3