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rigid heddle loom reeds

Rigid Heddle Loom Reeds

10" sample-it / 2.5 dpi


not available to ship outside Canada

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Please purchase the width of reed that corresponds to your rigid heddle loom. All Ashford rigid heddle looms come standard with a 7.5 DPI reed.

Reeds for the 16" Sample-It and 16" Rigid Heddle looms are the same.

Reeds for 48" Rigid Heddle Looms are available on special request.

Reeds are available for the following rigid heddle loom widths:
- 10" and 16" Sample-It Looms (natural finish)
- 12", 20", and 28" Knitter's Looms (smooth lacquer finish)
- 16", 24", and 32" Rigid Heddle Looms (natural finish)

Reeds are available in the following dents-per-inch:
- 2.5 DPI or 10/10cm (use with super bulky, mohair, and art yarns)
- 5 DPI or 20/10cm (use with bulky or aran weight yarns)
- 7.5 DPI or 30/10cm (use with worsted or dk weight yarns)
- 10 DPI or 40/10cm (use with sport or dk weight yarns)
- 12.5 DPI or 50/10cm (use with fingering weight yarns)
- 15 DPI or 60/10cm (use with lace weight yarns or some fine weaving yarns)

 Varident Reed:
- Available in all loom widths
- For use with multiple warp yarns of varying sizes. Assemble your reed to suit your needs! Great for using novelty or art yarns as accents!
- Varident reeds are not designed to replace standard reeds and do not contain enough parts in any one size to fill the reed. They come with a select number of pieces in each setting. See this chart for the contents of each kit.
- Comes in natural or lacquered finish, depending on the finish of your loom

Double Heddle Weaving:
- You will need two reeds of the same size for double heddle weaving
- All Ashford rigid heddle looms come standard with 7.5 DPI reeds

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