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A wonderful application of crochet is to create adorable stuffed animals. We will make a floppy rabbit, and cover attaching limbs, as well as creating facial expressions. There will be homework between sessions so that we can focus on the final steps of putting the stuffed animal together in the second

Required Skill Level: advanced beginner and beyond
Class Time: two 2-hour sessions with a break in which to complete homework

The kit for this class comes with the following materials, all you'll need for the class:

  • crochet hook
  • yarn for bunny + embroidery
  • safety eyes
  • yarn needles for embroidery 
  • stitch markers
  • wool stuffing

You can pick your kit up at the shop, or have it mailed to you for our $10 flat shipping rate in Canada.  Please allow time for delivery and pickup when registering for the class!

This two part class will run on Wednesday evenings, from 6:30 - 8:30 on July 14 and July 28.

Please note that online classes will not be refunded. Your class registration is like a movie ticket: You can give it to a friend if you can't attend, if it is rescheduled you will have the opportunity for your money back, and if you aren't in your seat once it starts, your ticket cannot be reimbursed. Please be sure to check your email and spam folders the day of the class to make sure that you have your link. If there are problems or you can't find your link, please contact us by email at least an hour before class is scheduled to start at so that we have time to help you.

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About Sarah-Margaret

Sarah-Margaret is an avid knitter and crochetier, she spends most of her free time either working on a project or designing new patterns. As an instructor, she began teaching in person before the pandemic and transitioned into online classes when things shut down. The 'aha!' moments and the student breakthroughs never fail to put a huge smile on her face. Sarah-Margaret loves to teach both of these crafts, and firmly believes that anyone can learn them!