Felting Needle




Ashford felting needles are made from high quality carbon steel and are sold individually or in 10-packs.

- Great for rapid felting, working with coarse fibres, and firmly attaching pieces
- Not great for detail work or neat surfaces
- Triangular 32 gauge needle with barbs on 3 sides

- The most popular needle we sell - a great all-purpose needle and perfect for learning!
- Pair with a Fine needle for detailed surface work
- Triangular 36 gauge needle with barbs on 3 sides

- Great for detail work, felting neat surfaces, and working with fine fibres
- Not great for working with coarse fibres or for rapid/bulk sculpting
- Triangular 40 gauge needle with barbs on 3 sides

- Great for faster felting and reducing the surface holes triangular needles make
- Spiral 36 gauge needle

Reverse Barb
- Needle barbs go the other direction, allowing you to pull fibre out for a fuzzy or fluffy finish on needle or wet felted pieces
- Triangular 36 gauge needle with inverted barbs

- Great for finer work, finer wools, as well as bulky sculpting work
- Square 38 gauge needle with barbs on 4 sides

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In 1934 Walter Ashford founded Ashford Handicrafts Ltd, a company that has become a world leader in the manufacture of quality spinning wheels, weaving looms and textile equipment.

Today we, together with our loyal team, have produced over 900,000 wheels and looms.

We use only the finest native New Zealand Silver Beech hardwood, sourced from sustainably-managed forests with Forest Stewardship Council approval.

Our wheels, looms and carders are the result of more than 80 years’ experience, customer feedback, research and development. Available in natural wood or finished with eco-friendly water-based lacquer. They are designed to be simple, easy to assemble and finish and fun to use.

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