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knitter's loom with carry bag

Knitter's Loom with Carry Bag



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The rigid heddle loom for the weaver-on-the-go! Whether you're off to coffee with friends or a fabulous workshop, this ultra portable loom is lightweight, compact, and perfect for travel. The included instruction manual will have you weaving your first scarf in just a couple of hours!

- Smooth lacquer finish
- Pre-assembled
- Comes with padded canvas carry bag, warping tools, two shuttles, cardboard warping sticks
- Comes standard with 7.5 dpi (30/10) reed. Additional sizes (2.5 dpi, 5 dpi, 7.5 dpi, 10 dpi, 12.5 dpi, and 15 dpi) available for purchase.
- Optional stand available for purchase

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