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pick up sticks

Pick Up Sticks

10" (discontinued)


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Add texture and visual appeal to weaving. Pick up threads behind your heddle with the pickup sticks to create different sheds. Tie a string from one end to the other to keep your pickup stick in place while weaving.

Each pickup stick is 1⅜" wide. 

Now available in 8 lengths: 11, 14.5, 16, 17, 22, 25, 30 and 33 inches

(We recommend choosing the size just above the width of your loom. For example, choose the 11" stick for the 10" Sample-It loom or the 14.5" stick for the 12" Knitter's Loom.)

Comes with natural timber finish. 

FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY: Discontinued lengths include 10", 14", 18", and 26"

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