Drop Spindles



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Ashford offers a wide selection of drop spindles - perfect for beginner and experienced spinners alike!

Top Whorl Spindles
Well balanced and lightly lacquered. Five sizes available:
- 90 mm (80g)
- 80 mm (50g)
- 70 mm (35g)
- 60 mm (20g)
- 50 mm (15g)

Portable and affordable - perfect for beginners! (We use these spindles in our Introduction to Drop Spindle class.) This spindle is unfinished, has a whorl diameter of 80 mm, and weighs 65g.

This bottom whorl spindle comes with removable whorl. It is unfinished, has a whorl diameter of 100 mm, and weighs 90g.

A popular spindle for those who like to spin center-pull balls! The crossbars slide out, allowing you to keep your ball of handspun intact. This spindle is unfinished, has a diameter of 155 mm, and weights 60g.

Drop Spindle Collection
Includes all 5 Top Whorl Spindles and a stand.

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