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Fireweed Fibre Co.

fireweed fibre co. hand-dyed rovings

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ahoy - 80% targhee + 10% bamboo + 10% silk    1

polwarth: 100g | 22-25 microns, 125-175 mm staple

Polwarth is the perfect go-to fibre when you just need to spin, but don’t want to think to much. It is easy to spin any way you like, thick or thin, woolen or worsted. Polwarth will produce a yarn that has a nice drape, elasticity and bounce. It is next to skin soft, feltable and just an all-round perfect fibre!


targhee blend: 80% targhee, 10% bamboo, 10% tussah silk | 100g | 24 microns, 100 mm staple

Targhee is a wonderfully soft wool. It is a very strong fibre with excellent elasticity and silky feel when spun. The silk and bamboo and shine and dimension to an already fabulous wool.


bfl oatmeal:  100g

BFL is a gorgeous, bouncy fibre.  It is a yarn with good crimp, and a beautiful drape and soft luxurious hand.  Wonderful for wearing next to the skin, and spins beautifully!  The BFL used in the dyeing of this fibre was naturally an oatmeal colour, resulting in gorgeous colour depth.