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Jane Table Loom
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Jane Table Loom

Designed by a weaver for weavers, this table loom offers exceptional features and performance to make any weaving project a snap. Simple, but innovative features, such as a handle to carry the 40cm loom and a locking mechanism to keep the beater out your way while you are throwing your shuttle, make the Jane a joy to use. Toggles operate smoothly and always stay in their engaged position. Jane folds with a warp on and can be locked as not to open up while in transport.

Jane is made of lacquered beech and has a built-in raddle. There is no cord wear, since cords run over rollers and the overhead beater stays out of the way when throwing the shuttle.

Available sizes (each with 8 harnesses):
- Jane 40: 16″ (40 cm) weaving width (comes with 200 heddles)
- Jane 70: 27.5″ (70 cm) weaving width (comes with 400 heddles)

- Texsolv heddles and tie up cord
- 10 dent (40/10) stainless steel reed
- Tie-up and lease sticks
- Sixteen warp sticks
- Warping instructions

Optional Accessories: 
- Floor stand
- 2nd warp beam
- Carrying Case
- Heddles 205mm (package of 100)

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