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S17 Spinning Wheel

S17 Spinning Wheel

An exceptional wheel for beginner spinners, the S17 features the same quality production as other Louet wheels. (Technically identical to the single treadle, Irish-tension S10, but it's available at a lower price because it is unfinished and must be assembled before use.) Find the Louet S17 assembly video here.

This wheel comes with 3 standard unfinished bobbins and an integrated lazy kate rack. We strongly recommend you finish the exterior of your S17 wheel before assembly, with wood wax, lacquer, or paint.

This wheel can be outfitted with all the same accessories as the S10 (including an Art Yarn Flyer for novelty yarn or a high-speed flyer for fine spinning). This allows the S17 to grow as your skill set does! 

Optional Accessories include:
- Art Yarn Flyer
- High-Speed Flyer
- Standard Flyer with Sliding Hooks
- Stand Alone Lazy Kate
- High Speed Spinning Set

Spinning Ratios:
1:5.5 - for heavy yarns and slow spinning
1:7.5 - for medium yarns
1.10.5 - for fine yarns and fast spinning

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