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Victoria (S95/S96) Spinning Wheel

Victoria (S95/S96) Spinning Wheel
Victoria (S95/S96) Spinning Wheel
Victoria (S95/S96) Spinning Wheel

The Victoria is the ultimate travel wheel.  Fine engineering and outstanding craftsmanship in a tremendously functional spinning wheel that folds flat, and at 6 lbs, fits in the overhead of an airplane. An optional Carrying Bag makes travelling a breeze!  Victoria is a double treadle, scotch tension wheel, perfect for spinning fine to medium yarns. This wheel comes in either Lacquered Beech or Lacquered Oak, with 3 bobbins, a detachable flyer, and a stand alone lazy kate.

Optional Accessories:
- High-Speed Spinning Set
- Carrying Bag
- Art Yarn Head
- Art Yarn Flyer (same as the S10 Art Yarn Flyer - you will need the Art Yarn head to connect it to your wheel)
- Bulky Bobbins
- High-speed bobbin third shaft for lazy kate
- Stand-alone foldable skein-winder

Spinning Ratios:
1:6 - for heavy yarns and slow spinning
1:8.5 - for medium yarns
1:13 - for fine yarns and fast spinning
1:20 - for very fine yarns and the high speed set

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