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Pompom Backissues

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#39 - Winter 2021 - Rhythm

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For our 40th issue we’ve conjured up a knitted dreamworld! Allow our latest collection to transport you to your yarn-filled happy place with joy-bringing patterns which are whimsical without compromising elegance or wearability. The designs reference the seemingly unstructured nature of dreams through floaty fabrics and ethereal embellishments, loose gauge, and by gently emboldening the maker to use their intuition when it comes to playing with colour. As with anything that appears effortless, copious amounts of imagination and clever thinking form the foundation of these designs and they encourage the kind of creative escapism we cherish in crafting. The patterns in this collection vary in intensity; from ones which will allow you to realise your knitting fantasies to others you could finish with your eyes closed. But rest assured, each one will grant you gratification in a different way.  

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