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project bags & pouches

Project Bags & Pouches

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These bags are locally crafted in Ottawa.  

The small bags are perfect for on-the-go projects like socks and mittens, while the medium are suitable for larger projects like shawls.  They are made of durable cotton, and have a handy drawstring closure that won't catch your yarn.  The clear bottomed bags have a cloth top and clear bottom, so you can see your project, while the pocketed bags have a large pocket on the inside, great for tucking a pattern or spare pair of needles!

The zippered pouches are made of the same cotton as the bags, and are about 28cm x 20cm.  They have an outer keyring, great for fastening accessories to, and are lined and thick enough to withstand pokey needle tips.  They would also work great for holding small projects like socks or mittens.

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