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bamboo interchangeables

Bamboo Interchangeables

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We've been searching for a while for an excellent set of bamboo interchangeable needles, for those who prefer warmer and lighter needles than the metal sets offer.  After much testing, we found these sets to be ideal, both for the excellent quality, environmentally-friendly packaging, and absolute joy that comes with knitting with them.

Each of these mini-sets come packaged with 4 sizes of needles, made of moso and madake bamboo grown in Japan.  The surface of the needles is hard and resiliant, while still maintaining the light warmth of bamboo, and the needles are very well polished and smooth.  The sizes are clearly laser printed on the side of each needle, and should not rub off.

The combined smooth joins and swivel cord make knitting with these needles an absolute delight.  The tips of the needles are a good compromise between function and form -- fine and pointy enough to do complex stitch work, but not are not dangerously sharp.  

Unlike some interchangeable sets, the swivel join prevents the cord from unscrewing as you knit, and keeps the cord from twisting over-much.  The solid brass joins fit very well together, and when screwed together, it is not possible to feel any gaps where the needle melds perfectly with the cord, which will prevent any catching.  Better yet, the cords tighten by hand -- no need for fancy tools or worrying about misplacing anything.  The company that makes these needles has been crafting knitting needles for over a century, and the attention to detail really does show in the quality while working with them.

Finally, these sets are ideal for knitters who prefer working with a particular size range of needles.  Instead of buying sizes that you'll never use, it is far easier to purchase just the range that you're likely to work with!

These sets are packaged in a neat craft-paper box, and avoid excess packaging in order to be environmentally friendly.

We are also carrying some extra cord sizes, joints (so you can connect cords to make them longer!) and stoppers.  We are sure that once you try one of these sets, you'll want to use them for as many projects as possible!  Please note that the small and medium sets use different size cords, joints and stoppers, and be sure to order what your set needs!


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