Superba Sock

Rico Design


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Susu 001 Light Pink with Dark Pink
Susu 002 Light Red with Dark Red
Susu 003 Light Blue with Red
Jacquard 001 Teal/Lime/Pink Mix
Jacquard 002 Teal/Blue/Navy Mix
Jacquard 004 Red/Wine/Burgundy Mix
Jacquard 005 Green/Brown/Navy Mix
Jacquard 003 Blue/Grey Mix
With it's printed automatic patterning, Superba Susu 4ply makes wonderfully fun socks, while the Melange Jacquard creates heavily patterned socks like a breeze: just knit away and let the yarn do the work for you!
75% wool, 25% nylon
100 g
400 m
2 mm - 3 mm
28 - 30 stitches per 10 cm (fingering)