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Jamieson & Smith

bonnie island hat colour packs

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We have put together colourways inspired by each of the five official hats, to make matching colours easier for those of you interested in making the newest Shetland Wool Week hat out of one of our favourite yarns, Jamieson & Smith's Jumper Weight, which is a wool produced in the Shetland Isles from Shetland wool.

From the designer:

My hat design is named after the nickname for Whalsay, the ‘Bonnie Isle’. Living on an island means the sea is ever present in our lives. All the men in my family have worked on or near the sea. But although the ‘Bonnie Isle’ hat has a nautical theme, the patterns mean much more. The chain in the rib represents the link between us all during Shetland Wool Week; and the anchor, a common motif in Fair Isle knitting, symbolises a sense of keeping grounded, connected to what matters most, and able to cope with life’s challenges. The crown, a circle, is to me a spinning wheel and a tribute to my mother Ina Irvine. A prolific spinner and knitter, she was my inspiration.

Each yarn pack contains enough wool to knit the Bonnie Island Hat designed by the 2022 Wool Week designer Linda Shearer, 6 balls in total of 25g each. (2 of colour A, one each of the remaining 4 colours)

The pattern can be found online for free here:

  • Colourway 1 (203 - FC47 - 27 - 54 - 1A)
  • Colourway 2 (FC41 - 1284 - 9113 - 96 - 91)
  • Colourway 3 (2 - FC7 - 125 - 5 - 1A)
  • Colourway 4 (82 - 121 - 96 - 14 - 62)
  • Colourway 5 (1 - 21 - 36 - FC22 - 203)