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What Should I Make Next?

This is one for the new knitters out there, who have reached the point where knitting another dishcloth, headband, or scarf is an intolerable prospect.  

Trunk Show Project Recommendations

Looking for project recommendations to go with our Julie Asselin Digital Trunk show?  Here they are!

Diary of a Knitter: Stash Storage, & Sharing Solutions (and Struggles)

Kellen Chang shares her adventures, solutions and struggles with her yarn stash.

Sensational Socks!

Guest blogger Kellen Chang shares her impressions of sock knitting.

Decisions, decisions...

How to make sure you pick a knitting class that’s best for you.

All New Stretchy Cast On

Video instructions for impertiknits stretchy twinned cast on.

Affordable Workhorse Yarns That We Love

Is your wallet looking for some relief after the holidays, but you still want great yarn to work with?  Check out some of our year-round, budget-friendly favourites!

Gifts for Crafters - A Muggles Guide to Finding the Perfect Gift

Looking to buy a gift for your crafter, but lacking inspiration?  A few suggestions on where to start.

A Holiday Tale of Woe

A short play, originally written to answer the once-posed question "Why doesn't Wabi Sabi have a class on knitting tree skirts?"