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Raindrop Heel Socks Calculator

Over the next few weeks, we will be publishing a sock tutorial series.  To go with this series, we'd like to introduce the Raindrop Sock Calculator, which will generate a simple, beginner-friendly top-down sock pattern with an easy approach to heels.  If you input your measurements into the calculator, it will generate a basic set of instructions.  The tutorial being released through February will walk you through a pair of socks, step by step, with the goal of helping you develop the skills you need to confidently start knitting and customizing your own socks.

To generate the pattern, this page uses javascript.  You should see the pattern after entering your measurements and scrolling down.  If you do not, please check your browser settings and make sure they are not blocking javascript.

If you are following along with the sock tutorial series, enter your measurements and print or save the generated pattern for easy reference.

ankle circumference
This measurement is taken at the base of the leg, immediately above the anklebone.
foot circumference
This measurement is taken at the widest part of the ball of the foot.
heel length
This measurement is taken starting at the top of the anklebone, straight down around the sole of the heel, and back up to the top of anklebone on the other side of the foot. It should make roughly the shape of a "u".
knitting gauge
Knitting gauge should be measured over 10cm or 4".  

You can enter measurements in cm or inches, but please use the same unit for all measurements entered. For baby and toddler socks (smaller than 15cm circumference), please use inches for the best result.

The results will automatically generate below once you have entered the measurements.


If you are knitting with fingering-weight yarn, you will need ~100g of sock yarn to make these socks. If you are knitting for very large (greater than size 11 mens) feet or using a dk or heavier gauge of yarn, you may want to have an extra 50g as backup

If this is your first pair of socks, please check out our blog articles on choosing a great sock yarn and how to select sock needles.  Use whatever size needles you used to achieve the gauge you enter into the calculator.

If you have a question about this pattern, please check our tutorial and walk-through of this pattern on our blog, which will published through February 2022. If you have a question or comment that isn't answered there, please let us know at project-help@wabi-sabi.ca

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