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twist shorties

TWIST shorties

red set (2mm - 3.25mm)


This set includes:
12 pairs of 2" and 3" (5cm and 8cm) solid, surgical stainless steel tips in sizes US0- US3 (2mm - 3.25mm) in a secure tip sleeve
3 MINI diameter red cables (5", 6", and 8" or 13cm/15cm, and 20cm)
end stoppers, tightening keys & connectors
stitch markers & a mini needle gauge
red, pocket-sized nylon fabric pouch
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Both these sets make 9"/23cm through 14"/36cm circular needles.  These sizes are great for small diameter knitting, for things like socks, leg warmers, baby items, sleeves and cuffs.  The needles are compatible with Chiaogoo cords of the same size designation (M for the red set, and S for the blue).


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